Film Analysis: Broken Flowers
New works

Assessing the films

Respond to any or all of the following in comments:

  • Which film did you enjoy the most?
  • Which did you enjoy the least?
  • Which film did you find most interesting in terms of m-e-s?
  • From which filmmaker are you most interested in seeing more films?
  • Least interested?
  • Which film are you most likely to watch again?
  • Least likely?
  • Do you have a filmmaker or film to recommend for this course in the future, assuming a continued focus on mise-en-scene?


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Amy Elder

The film that I enjoyed the most this term was the New World. I loved how Malick used nature in this film, I felt like it really made the movie stand out to me. The film I enjoyed the least was Ashes of Time Redux. The film I found most interesting in terms of m-e-s was Night on Earth. It was interesting to look at the composition of the frames and the use of the taxi to create a frame within a frame.
The filmmaker I would like to see more films from is Terrance Malick. I love his use of nature and how he uses nature to symbolize deeper meanings. I am least interested in Wong Kar Wai. I am not a fan of foreign films and I found his movies depressing. The film I am most likely to watch again is The New World. I like the story and I also loved the beautiful shots of nature.
I am least likely to watch Broken Flowers.

Josh Noble

My favorite film was In the Mood for Love. I really enjoyed Kar-wai's expressionistic style and the film's somber tone. The music and visuals blended together in a way that few films do. I like Days of Heaven least I think. I had really hard time understanding the characters and the narrative was so-so. I get that Malik may have intentionally made the characters more open to interpretation but I found myself allying with the Farmer and not caring about Bill and Abby. However, I would be willing to see it again. Perhaps another viewing might change my impression.

Lily Miller

I enjoyed Night on Earth the most because it had a lot of humor in it that kept me entertained throughout the film. Of the different groups of films I enjoyed Jarmusch's film the most because I found his minimalistic style interesting and pleasing to see how he used it in his films. His films are also ones that I would like to see more of.

Lisa King

My favorite film was Night On Earth. It was such a simple concept, but Jarmusch was able to make each episode very different and dynamic, which made the film very enjoyable to watch.
My favorite filmmaker would have to be Wong Kar-wai. The visuals in his films were outstanding, and I feel like he had the most variety when it came to narrative content in him films.

Melissa Werner

It's hard to say which I liked the most, since I liked most of the movies we watched, but Chungking Express has to be one of my favorites. The one I liked the least was Stranger Than Paradise; though I acknowledge that, all things considered, it was made fairly well, I just hate the attitudes of the characters. In terms of m-e-s, I found In the Mood for Love to be very interesting. I'm most interested in seeing more Wong Kar-wai films, and least interested in seeing more of Jarmusch's films. I'm most likely to watch Ashes of Time again, because so much happens in that movie, watching it just once doesn't really do it justice. As for least likely - I'm not planning on ever watching Stranger Than Paradise again.

Jose Arredondo

The film I enjoyed the most was Chungking Express. I don't know what it was about this film but I liked it the most because of its two intertwining stories, the soundtrack, and the easy going characters. I would want to see more Jarmusch films because I liked his filming style. I enjoyed how he used the "dead time" scenes because I felt as though I was there with the characters, his minimalist approach was interesting as well. The film I would never watch again would be The New World because I lost interest half way through and I felt it dragged on a bit at the end.

Anna Markee

I think that the film that I enjoyed most this term was Badlands. However, I also really enjoyed all of the Jarmusch films. What I liked about Malick was his use of nature in the films. I thought it made them very pleasing to look at. The Jarmusch films were really entertaining and I thought the use of m-e-s was thoughtful. I think that I am most interested in seeing more films made by Jarmusch because I really liked all of his films that I have seen thus far. I didn't not like the Wong Kar wai films. In fact I really enjoyed Chungking Express. However, I thought that Ashes of time was really unnecessarily confusing.

Hope Sneddon

I enjoyed Terrence Malick's films the most. I would like to see more films from him. My favorite was the New World. I liked the connection between the human and physical world within that film. I thought that Night on Earth was really fascinating because of the use of the taxi and compositions.

Lucas Ashland

The film I enjoyed the most was Badlands. I think I would gladly rewatch any of the Terrence Malick films we saw in class. The way he films nature is really pleasing to watch. I liked how his stories focused on the relationship between two characters and how the relationship between these two characters evolved and played out over the course of the movie. I think I just really enjoy road movies as well as coming of age stories. Maybe a theme for the next film class could be road movie? You could show movies like Easy Rider, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Road...I think Taxi Driver is kind a road movie too.

Laven Voth

I enjoyed Night On Earth the most. I really enjoy short stories, and the connected theme really made it enjoyable. Chunking express is easily my second favourite, but really we watched some of the best films in this class, so it was hard to pick a favorite.

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